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Rental fee:


1 night 2 days: 5,000 yen/1 unit (excluding tax)

1 week: 10,000 yen/unit (excluding tax)

1 month: 25,000 yen/unit (excluding tax)​​_22200000-0000-0000-0000-0000 00000222_​_22200000-0000-0000 -0000-000000000222_​


*For other rental periods, please contact us directly.

*Please note that we only offer log-colored frames for rental.

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A digital art frame that specializes in NFT and digital art works and allows you to store, express, and appreciate new forms


The work is saved on a screen with a built-in chip for virtual currency, and the screen itself is a digital art work itself.


The digital signature (Token ID) of “the only proof in the world” is displayed on the sub-screen, and the electronic signature using blockchain technology makes forgery and tampering impossible, making it safer than conventional signatures.


Fully customizable frames and mats Enjoy digital art without knowledge of NFTs or cryptocurrency wallets

Rental: SMARTHOLDER 4K digital content frame 32 inches

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